Norah’s Knowledge Bank 2014!

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Courtesy of

Knowledge is probably one of the most important elements of my life. I believe that if you manage to learn one new thing everyday, your life is meaningful. Therefore, my New Year resolution for 2014 is to do just that; learn one new thing everyday. To make sure I keep my promise, I have created another blog where I’m going to share that knowledge. I call that blog Norah’s Knowledge Bank. So go check it out guys, and maybe even follow? I haven’t posted anything yet, but something is going to show up before midnight today ;).


One thought on “Norah’s Knowledge Bank 2014!

  1. I’ve just discovered I never saw this post! I can say in retrospect that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your little daily moments of knowledge. Several have gone into my research files and most have been fascinating! Well done you 😉


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