This is a reaction to the following article in the Dhaka Tribune: Pakistan recalls Molla’s loyalty in 1971. I recommend you read it before reading this post.

“Neither the Pakistan government nor the Bangladesh Jamaat has apologised for their role during Bangladesh’s War of Independence.”

I just had to share that quote and the article. I initially thought about sharing this directly on Facebook, but considering a huge chunk of my relatives seem to be apathetic towards the atrocities both during the liberation war and right now, I thought it’d be wise to refrain from that.

Mind you I don’t support capital punishment – I explained the situation before – but this attitude is just pure evil. Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan says: “Till the very end before the creation of Bangladesh, he [Molla] remained supporter of a united Pakistan and today every Pakistani is saddened and grieved on his death.” By saying this he’s attempting to recreate the animosity between Bangladeshis and Pakistanis. I don’t believe for a second that “every Pakistani” is saddened. That’s pure bullshit. Nisar Ali Khan further says: “With this unfortunate incident, an effort is made to revive old wounds of the past”. Old wounds? I’m sorry but every year around Bangladesh’s Victory Day, people reminisce what happened. My mom tells me every year about the dead bodies she saw as a kid. People were butchered, blindfolded and led to their graves, young girls were raped… These aren’t “old wounds” – these are issues that have been there since 1971.

I know that what I say doesn’t matter, only one thing does: God sees everything.