I have been neglecting my blog. Those of you who are regular readers or follow me on Facebook (button to that below) know that this has nothing to do with my current busyness 😛 (blogging is my number one procrastination activity!). I’ve simply not have any inspiration. Yesterday I wrote a little something about current affairs in Bangladesh, because it seems like things are so serious this time that even people like me who are brought up abroad are commenting on them. And I guess what I wanted was to explain the issue to those who are clueless and at the same time ask people to pay attention.

But except for that my inspiration well is completely dry, so I thought I’d just write an update post…

So as I mentioned before, I’m currently working two jobs while finishing off the studies of the semester. It is bad, but maybe not as bad as it sounds. Thing is I’m working full-time at the warehouse (except for the two days I took off for exams) and I still have my study coach job (which is two evenings a week but winter break is coming up so I get two weeks off from each student). Study-wise there’s one exam left and the deadline for my B-essay, both next week. I don’t think I mind it though… sure, every now and then I become frustrated… but in the end I’m just trying to make a living.

One very exciting thing though, the only one currently actually :P, is that I’ve finally ordered a Kindle PaperWhite! I figured there’s no use waiting for it as a gift – because let’s face it; what are the chances I get married to someone who knows me well enough to know what I want :?? Besides, next semester I’ll be taking the English Bachelor Course (in literature)… and I think a Kindle will really make it easier for me to study.