I learned my ring size today. Why did I do that?

I’m not as focused as a few days ago. Something changed. I wonder what.

I started listening to music again.

I feel like I’m being ripped away from reality. What’s the date? What are the upcoming tasks? Did I clean my room? Damn it’s already night.

Picture courtesy:
Picture courtesy:

I stare emptily at screens and wonder. Then I look at the lives of people who seem to do well and I wonder more. I do well as well. But where are my friends?

The kind of songs that make you think about people you never met.

Some people want to learn writing words before they’ve even learned the alphabet. Not wise. I suggest starting with A.

It’s midnight.


4 thoughts on “Befuddled

    1. Hahahah but that’s how normal human beings’ thoughts work though don’t they? I mean we don’t think like an organized piece of text with introduction and conclusion. I bet your brain processes twice the amount of thoughts as mine!


      1. Ha ha! Very possibly :-/ But I think if I wrote my scrambled thoughts without ordering them nicely ‘with introduction and conclusion’ I’d be visited by a nice doctor who would take me to a quiet place and a padded cell… lol


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