Courtesy of iphoneguiden.se
Courtesy of iphoneguiden.se

I find WhatsApp an extremely fascinating IM service. Why, you ask. Well… in order to add someone on WhatsApp, you need that person’s number. Asking for someone’s number might sometimes be a very awkward affair, but the existence of WhatsApp makes it all so smooth – the only thing you have to ask now is whether or not the person uses WhatsApp. But that’s not the only reason I like the app; unlike other similar apps, WhatsApp has a blocking option. Probably doesn’t help much for the real stalker who’ll end up texting you anyway, but if it’s a uh… tight-fisted person you’re dealing with… you might find that option delightful ^_^.



3 thoughts on “WhatsApp

    1. You know what I think I already have you… which is weird considering I don’t even have your number. But I think it’s cuz you’re in my Google contacts or something.


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