Aim for the Stars

Lately I’ve been I’ve been losing sleep, dreaming about all the things that we could be.

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This song, Counting Stars, by One Republic reminds me of the predictions I received from random people when I was younger. I was a rather ambitious student back in the days. A girl in my middle school predicted I’d become someone great someday. And then later, in high school, someone else predicted I’d end up in a power couple. Nobody makes predictions like that about me anymore. I guess naïvety has its beauty after all. When we’re young we believe we’re invincible, and that we will make our dreams come true. Maybe it’s important for us to think that way during that time…

Because the older you grow, the darker your vision becomes. During teenage it’s hard to differ between dreams and what you actually think will happen – now it’s impossible to connect those two. But I don’t know what will actually happen. I try to put the pieces of the puzzle together and to predict how my life will look in a couple of years if everything continues the way it has been for the past couple of years. But it’s still not easy. Hope interferes with the probability of unexpected life-changing events occurring. “Why not? it asks. “It has happened before.”


3 thoughts on “Aim for the Stars

  1. I think life-changing incidents happen so randomly it is impossible to predict them. The trick is to know your character and develop that so you remain the same no matter what happens in the future.

    To me, your character suggests someone who WILL be great one day. But how that greatness will manifest itself is up to those life-changing incidents. Greatness doesn’t always mean fame. One thing is certain – you will be (and already are) great in the eyes of some of us 😉


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