Yes yes I know, money can’t buy you happiness. But you can’t disagree with me when I say that it can comfort you at times. I’m being more and more drawn towards getting a Kindle… but I refuse to buy it. Don’t ask me why, I reason in ways that don’t make sense. I want it as a gift. But I’m not a kid anymore and can’t wave my wish list in people’s faces. I love whatever gifts I do recieve during birthdays and stuff, but if people instead of giving me what they do give me decided to collaborate and give me that one thing… I’d be the happiest girl on the planet. Okay the most comforted girl on the planet then! Urgh!

Courtesy of amazon.com.
Courtesy of amazon.com.

4 thoughts on “Drool…

  1. I’ve also been inclined to getting a kindle before. What stopped me was because I assumed it had limitations. Most of the e-books I have were not bought, I got them for free online. So I wondered if kindle would support this or if I would be forced to pay for a book I don’t want. I should probably check the features out :/


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