Every now and then, you see your prayers have been granted. While I was praying today, I thought of all the things that have happened in the past couple of weeks and how they were all steering me in the right direction. I pray for that every now and then, along with asking Allah to do what’s best for me. And today I realized that those two prayers of mine have combined and have come and are coming true. I realized today that He always listens. Today I was patient and observant.

Courtesy of: denfathurrahman.wordpress.com
Courtesy of: denfathurrahman.wordpress.com

However wrong you might think it is to feel better at somebody else’s expense, sometimes you just can’t help that it happens. Yesterday a friend told me something which was clearly wrong but which she thought wasn’t; and I thought about how much I have moved past that type of thinking and how I have bettered myself. It’s a detour but Allah showed me that for a reason; He gave me the incentive I needed to continue walking on the right path as well as reminded me not to stray from it. He also showed me how ugly a person’s persona becomes when s/he strays from the path, and He knows that I cannot afford to compromise with my persona ever again. I smile inside when I realize how lucky I am that I can feel Him guiding me.

Today I’m proud of myself for having become a better person. The next important thing for me to learn is to give to those who need whatever I can give. I need help with that as I don’t really know where to start. But I have aspirations for a not so distant future and if Allah thinks that is the right move for me then He will accept my plans.

If you are good, good will come to you.