The blogosphere tells me to write about it. Okay then… I’m going to write about a truth. It’s my duty as a blogger to bring the truth forth and to remind everybody of something we might have forgotten. Today, that truth is that there is no way of letting someone down easily. That is a myth. A letdown is a letdown period. If you choose to call it a letdown, obviously you haven’t taken it neutrally. A letdown is something which lets us down people, and they are always going to be sad.

The escapist in me wants to ditch the assignments and watch the latest episode of The Walking Dead. The robot in me wants to go straight for the assignments and tire me out so much that my eyes will beg for sleep. The fool in me wants to continue being let down. Why is the fool always the winner in Shakespeare’s plays? I guess it’s because the fool always tells the truth.

But you got one thing wrong dead old guy; honesty doesn’t always get you where you want to go. Sometimes it leads you straight to the ditch, while the playas of the world are strategically moving forth through the labyrinth that leads to the queen’s castle. Only to tell her the biggest lie of all and receive a pot of gold as reward for that.

I say go the way of anger. Anger gets things done.