I was wrong. There is nothing seriously wrong with me. I realized that when I thought about how the people around me treat me. People I’m not even really friends with seem to think I’m okay. You know when you’re that one person nobody likes because you have that one very annoying trait? Well I’m not that person apparently! I think I’m someone who would be described as a nice girl. Sure it doesn’t say much… but then again, doesn’t it?

Wow Norah… can you believe how much has changed in only a couple of years? Can you believe the status you have acquired… mainly in yourself… the amount of self-respect you have today, and how it shows out there in the real world?

I look at the details and I look at the fact that I’m noticed, and that I can make myself heard. That I dare. A couple of years ago, I would have trembled at the very thought of taking place. I step out there in the world and stand on my spot. And people know it’s my spot. They acknowledge it, respect it and listen to it. I contribute with ideas which matter. What else do people really need in the relationship they have with the world?

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