There should be a Deshi marriage fair somewhere. Someone should organize it. And because so many I suffer from mingle-phobia, what we should do is that we should all put our names in a box. Girls and boys separated. And then a guy or a girl goes and picks a name and voilà! Go meet him/her! In case it doesn’t work out, you return the note with the name in the box and pick another! A kind of speed-dating, and the best part would be that our parents would be the organizers! I mean how could that possibly go wrong :D?

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As for the title… the “nun club” was something a friend of mine came up with when I was complaining about how I’ll never get married. Interesting thing is, none of my friends have gotten married yet. Therefore we belong to the nun club.

The worst part is that the fact that my friends haven’t gotten married yet does not comfort me. Why it should? Well you know when you’ve failed an exam and someone else in the class has too, and you feel a sort of companionship and a phew-ness? Well that’s what should happen in this case! But it isn’t happening! Instead I keep feeling sorry for myself and keep planning my lonely writer-life in celibacy. I had to put the writer part in there… otherwise it’s just too miserable to imagine.

I feel like I’ve somehow made this my image: the desperate Deshi Swede who can’t get married. And do you know the worst part? I don’t even mind it :O! What has become of me? O woe…