I’m so lucky to not have a man. If it wasn’t for loneliness, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t have been able to take such huge decisions about my life, and change it just like I want to. There would always be someone in my way whose opinions I’d have to take into consideration.

If I had a man, my thumbs would hurt of sending text messages. In fact, I would lose sleep because of all the texting and my already busy and very productive life would either kill me or go down the drain.

If I had a man, I’d receive comments everyday about how I look. And who wants to dress according to somebody else’s opinions?

I’d never be left alone if I had a man. Would never be able to have any me-time. He’d step on my privacy and it would eventually drive me so mad I’d have to move to the North Pole.

When you think about it, if I had a man I’d probably become dumb. Well yeah; lack of sleep, loss of focus in studies, less time for reading – think about the knowledge I’d be missing out on! Not to mention the fact that I’d spend most of my days with the same person. I have decided that lack of social life also leads to loss of intelligence!

If I had a man, I’d grow fat(ter) because I wouldn’t have time to work out. And guys being guys he would comment on that. Then I’d only feel sorry for myself and eventually become depressed. He’d probably not let me eat chips either.

Yeah… exactly… that’s why I shouldn’t think about that guy in the subway. And I definitely should not think about why, when we switched trains (because we were both going to school, the same university), he chose to enter the train through the same doors as me. I mean I couldn’t possibly be thinking about a small detail like that! Not me!

Look at the words in bold in this text. Rearrange them.