I’m not pointing fingers, but ever since babies took over this household I’ve started having colds. Normally I’d only get the flu once a year, but now I get sick every other month! And it’s terrible getting sick when you’re not used to it! I can take three days, but after the third day things just become annoying. You can’t do anything because it either tires you too much or you have to wipe your nose every three seconds, and so much time gets wasted on doing absolutely nothing! I have tons to study, series to catch up on and have missed several much-needed workout sessions. All due to this weird cold that has stuck itself like a leech inside my throat and the constant headache that seems to be strangling my brain. Only playing with Eron for a few minutes this morning left me sweaty and exhausted! Imagine then how it feels to have to go to school and back everyday (the journey is an hour long). Sigh!