A Very Depressing Comeback

Life is funny. It gives you small surprises every now and then. I’m okay with those. What I’m not okay with is teasing. Sometimes life shows you a glimpse of something you realize you really really want, only to put a solid adamant wall between you and it to make sure you know you can never have it. Why does life do that? Why all this hope? To keep us going? What if today, right now, I choose to stop hoping?

I’m a little bit sick today. Seem to have caught some kind of a cold. Whenever I feel like this, everything feels worse. I become depressed and end up not doing anything productive all day. This despite how sunny it is outside today… which I should be enjoying considering the arrival of fall. Yet I can’t. Too much strength is required of me to hope.

Why can’t diligence, an honest approach and the constant strife for personal betterment be enough? What is the secret ingredient? What am I missing here? What is wrong with me?


3 thoughts on “A Very Depressing Comeback

  1. I don’t think anything is wrong with you – other than that you feel ill! Otherwise, I think you feel just what the rest of us do when things are tough. I hope you do keep battling through to beat those problems and get over those walls. 🙂


    1. I feel like those flies do you know when they’re stuck inside someone’s home and tries to escape by throwing themselves at a window over and over again :P.


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