I don’t need to explain to my fellow bloggers, aspiring writers and accomplished writers what writing means to me. You all know it and you all feel the same way. It is however, impossible to explain the concept to people who see bloggers as people with meaningless lives… writing about their meaningless lives. But what is writing really? And how many do actually know how to write? And why is poetry the only form of writing viewed as art? You can have poetic elements in your article about recent political events. Why doesn’t anybody take that into consideration?

Have you noticed that people who misunderstand sometimes even refuse to take the time to actually try to understand? They have their opinions and they are simply too lazy to discover and explore. And so they decide to dislike, disrespect or hate something… forever.

I always try not to engage in arguments with these types of people. However if someone deliberately steps on my toes, whatever happens is their own doing. I can take “I don’t like to read books”, because unfortunately that’s how too many people feel about reading. But when someone doesn’t grasp the concept of writing – writing for heaven’s sake, I don’t “blog”… I WRITE – it annoys the hell out of me. You cannot just simply wave what I live and breathe for off… as if it was a fly.

Until you’ve accomplished something – whether it’s publishing a book or something else – nobody takes you seriously.

Picture courtesy: www.leadershipcloseup.com
Uh huh… that finger-thingie said it! Picture courtesy: http://www.leadershipcloseup.com