We all have that one thing we don’t talk about but which is not a secret. It could be a physical or a behavioral attribute… or that blank look in someone’s eyes – something we religiously sidestep and pretend not to see. And what is more dangerous to address than what has previously never been acknowledged?

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It’s the fright of the taboo that makes us live such predictable lives. Break the pattern and you will create an echo, which will haunt you till someone else’s mistake cuts through that reverberating memory of yours. That’s why we respect taboos – we’re afraid of that which might break the pattern. We’re afraid because we don’t know how to respond to it. And we’re afraid because we think nobody will forget our false step. The truth is, we’re the ones who remember it the longest.

Sometimes I wish I could break my surroundings by sheer willpower. I’m tired of being broken in this annoyingly stable society – let society break for once… and let me be the one with the head on top of my shoulders.


6 thoughts on “Shh…

  1. Strong words. You know it only takes a spark to start a forest fire. Taboos are a state of mind people acquired because people have been scared to question it. Why be afraid of anything? It’s human for us to be afraid of something alien. Something that isn’t part of you. Breaking Barriers. That is what is required. Someone to take a stand and stick by it. You never know. Whatever your fear is if you turn it into your strength it could be a inspiration for others to follow.


    1. Indeed. Sometimes I think the human race as a whole is immature… Why do we insist on pretending that there is something called perfect? We all have weaknesses and flaws and we shouldn’t pretend as if they don’t exist… face the taboo – the fear, the weakness – and grow as a human being… as a population.


      1. My question is on what grounds do you draw the line between mature and immature? Some people call me immature cause I haven’t really decided what to do with my life although I keep a steady job. Immature cause I still want to cuddle my pillow at night. Immature cause I still cry watching animals being harmed. So where do you draw the line? There’s no point living according to the diktats of society. You’ll be tied down. The day you break free people will treat you like a pariah. Down the line they would look upto you. For being the agent of change.


        1. You got caught up on one word… I was talking about the taboos and that we avoid certain things… that’s how I meant that we’re all immature… because we’re scared of dealing with what’s different.


  2. ah, taboos…they can sometimes be ‘red rags to a bull’ for me. I’m definitely someone who likes to shake things up even at personal cost. If I agree with why something is taboo then I’ll honour it. But if I disagree, I’m not someone who ‘sidesteps’ the issue. I usually hit it with a large bat! onek koshto!


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