Don’t Look at Me Today

I’m extremely stuck. I have a problem which, whenever I mention it, people always give solutions which simply will not suit me. The problem inside the problem is that I always have this urge to rant… and whenever I do, it makes me feel worse afterwards because people always say the things I don’t want to hear.

I don’t know how I’m holding it all together. I don’t want to talk about it with anyone because people always give you stupid advice. I’m a pessimist… let me be. I’m surprised how well I can hold it all together throughout the day – at work, at home. It’s the bus journeys to and from work that are the worst… I feel like a sloth. An extremely depressed sloth. An aimless, depressed and lethargic sloth.

Still I can’t complain, I can’t write this post. Because if I write it then people will comment and say bla bla bla bla… as if they know what they’re talking about. They all have nice lives. I just… breathe.

And my punishment is that every effing day will go by just like this. Me breathing. That’s what it’s all about. Life is meaningless.


18 thoughts on “Don’t Look at Me Today

              1. Haha that’s cool. I like owls. They look lost in thought most of the time. Though I’ve only really seen one up close. It was a small white owl. Beautiful! By the time I came back with the camera, it was long gone.


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