I refuse to believe that the crazy friend is a fictional make-up of some really lonely novelist or screenwriter. The crazy friend, that one friend you can count on will mess up at regular intervals and always provide unbelievable stories for you to impress new people with. That crazy friend who never says no and who you can actually dare to try all those crazy stuff with which you later can report on your blog for the world to read and/or see.

Picture courtesy: http://www.tumblr.com

Man I wish I had one of those!

It seems like all I’ve been doing bigger part of my life is sitting and wishing. The materialistic wishes I can grant myself… but all those things that has to do with FUN AND INTERESTING LIVE PEOPLE are nothing more than plot-lines for my daydreams. And I daydream… a lot.

There is also a possibility that I simply live in a dream world and expect everything and everyone to mirror that world. Yes, I might actually require too much from my surroundings. But if I’ve learned anything in life it’s that talking about issues never solves them; you gotta do something. And I either lack the courage or the will to do anything, because I always seem to have excuses.

Ah well… one day I might just end up being my own crazy friend…