I love reading. From the bottom of my heart I do. Because of books, I haven’t been able to make that many human friends. Books take too much place in my heart.

But 14 whole books (among which I’ve already read three), plus 2 000 pages, plus three non-fiction books (hopefully we’ll only have to read a few chapters of each)… the course literature list for the coming semester is making my head spin. It’s going to cost a fortune. That’s not the issue though; I have no problem spending a fortune on books. The question is how I’ll manage to absorb that much literature in only four months. What did I expect when I decided to major in literature though? Um… nothing… I actually didn’t expect anything. I just went with my instinct and trusted that my passion for the subject will make me succeed.

Might have to try this method? Picture courtesy: http://www.timeanddate.com

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not having second thoughts. Never hopefully. I’m just nervous, is all. My reading speed is relatively okay, but that would save me if all we’re about to do is read. There’s going to be exams and essays as well – when did they expect us to get those done? Ok, I’m not being fair here… the whole course is divided into three sub-courses, and one of those are optional (meaning you can choose a course in either Literature or Linguistics). I chose the optional course, I think, which has the longest list of books 😐 (not my fault, it was the only one with fantasy literature in it – not unexpected still sadly, they named it “English literature for young readers”). I don’t know yet if I’ll get my first choices though, not until after the registration.