Books… Many Books…

I love reading. From the bottom of my heart I do. Because of books, I haven’t been able to make that many human friends. Books take too much place in my heart.

But 14 whole books (among which I’ve already read three), plus 2 000 pages, plus three non-fiction books (hopefully we’ll only have to read a few chapters of each)… the course literature list for the coming semester is making my head spin. It’s going to cost a fortune. That’s not the issue though; I have no problem spending a fortune on books. The question is how I’ll manage to absorb that much literature in only four months. What did I expect when I decided to major in literature though? Um… nothing… I actually didn’t expect anything. I just went with my instinct and trusted that my passion for the subject will make me succeed.

Might have to try this method? Picture courtesy:

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not having second thoughts. Never hopefully. I’m just nervous, is all. My reading speed is relatively okay, but that would save me if all we’re about to do is read. There’s going to be exams and essays as well – when did they expect us to get those done? Ok, I’m not being fair here… the whole course is divided into three sub-courses, and one of those are optional (meaning you can choose a course in either Literature or Linguistics). I chose the optional course, I think, which has the longest list of books 😐 (not my fault, it was the only one with fantasy literature in it – not unexpected still sadly, they named it “English literature for young readers”). I don’t know yet if I’ll get my first choices though, not until after the registration.


11 thoughts on “Books… Many Books…

  1. I know your problem. One Thing I’ve never regretted is getting a kindle. I reading everything I can on a Kindle or, if I really have to, on the laptop. I also often download audibooks for the kindle too so I can listen to books when in bed with headphones on (so the wifey doesn’t get disturbed) or while exercising. It is also much cheaper to get them on kindle. 🙂
    That said, I still have a stack of 18 REAL books on my desk that I either need to read or finish reading and time is running short. It’s either books or real people and, I’m afraid, the books usually win… :-/


    1. I’ve thought about a Kindle but books aren’t generally that much cheaper on Kindle… even though there are benefits like free books (I heard many classics are free) etc, the thing itself costs as well… so I’ll have to wait a while before making that investment.

      Yeah I know what you mean… books are probably the closest I’ll ever come to cheating on my husband (if I get one, that is :P).


      1. LOL I’m not sure what you’re looking at – or maybe you’re lucky and get books cheap in Sweden but Kindle books are A LOT cheaper for me! When I look on Amazon there is always a significant price difference which, when you add up to hundreds of books (as I buy each year) comes to saving of both money and space!


        1. Really? No, books aren’t cheap over here… I actually buy most of my books from Amazon. But I mean either way, even if it is cheaper, you still have to buy the Kindle itself… And I’ve seen that some books are more or less the same price, paperback and e-books. Maybe it’s because we look at different books :-/?


          1. Well I had my kindle bought for me as a gift – that’s the secret! But my range of books is pretty eclectic and the whole point of kindle books is that they are cheaper because there’s no physical expense. I think you’ll find, taken as a whole, that books on amazon are cheaper on kindle – even if with some its not by much. I got Life of Pi recently for 50p and the book we looked at together was much cheaper as a kindle book…


            1. Hmm… well then I must have been misled by the books I saw and by other people’s comments. But the fact still remains that I have to buy the machine… nobody would gift me anything that expensive lol :P!


              1. lol the alternative is download the kindle reading software for your laptop and/or phone. They’re free and easy to sort – even in Bangladesh. It’s how I got into kindle in the first place. You can tell I’m a kindle fan can’t you?… 🙂


                1. Yes… no doubt about that!

                  I don’t think I want to read on my phone or laptop, that’d only make me sleepy and would probably put a lot of pressure on my eyes. I’m perfectly happy with my paperback versions :P. Maybe next year I can afford a Kindle.


  2. Book prices are same either as a digital copy or paper. It’s the way they are priced. But Ken since you are in Bangladesh I guess it’s cheaper to get the digital versions. I would recommend Ken if you haven’t done so already is to go to Nilkhet. There inside at the end of the market there are some fantastic shops which sell second hand English books. You can come away with some absolutely fantastic buys from there. I remember buying some really great stuff there. If you haven’t checked it out I would definitely recommend it.

    Also feel free to check out New Market for books but I think in the late 90s the Government really raised the prices on English books which were imported from abroad. As a result the book prices went through the roof and which turned me off from going there. Also due to declining buyers they stopped bringing in the good books in New Market or at least the new ones. But you can still find some great ones at least the last time I looked.

    Ahh memories of book shopping and fuchkas and ice cream in New Market ! Love at its best ! 😀

    Personally I prefer a book with its lovely smell through the pages ! :p


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