Ramadan 2013

Picture courtesy: wathakker.info
Picture courtesy: wathakker.info

20 hours of fasting yesterday went by harmlessly alhamdulillah. Although I have a trick; I try to conserve as much energy as possible by doing… nothing at all :P. If I’m not sitting or lying down, I’m probably praying. Honestly I don’t move around much more than that. Unfortunately I have to go out and do some shopping today, which is actually scaring me :?.

For those of you who feel a little bit confused, Ramadan doesn’t get longer than in the northernmost parts of the world. I live in Stockholm and our fast lasted for exactly 20 hours yesterday. Everyday the fasting hours reduce by a few minutes (on both ends of the day), so at the end of this Ramadan we will be fasting for 18 hours. The days are longer the more north you go, for example where I lived before (Luleå) it’s 21 hours (the sun sets around 11:15 pm).

Midsummer is the longest time of the year, so once Ramadan passes that time we will finally be approaching the shorter days. When I was in middle school, fasting lasted for maybe nine hours or so [with the sun setting before 3 pm]. I miss those days. I had actually planned to spend Ramadan in Bangladesh this year, but work and other stuff got in the way. Hopefully I’ll be there next year.


2 thoughts on “Ramadan 2013

    1. Yeah I am. Although Eid over here is pretty boring… but it’s kinda like the only thing we celebrate so I guess it’s better than nothing :P.


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