Titleless Tuesday

I want to start by wishing Ramadan Mubarak to my readers. It’s the one month of the year when you get to figure out what kind of person you truly are. I pray Allah forgives us all and thank Him for this blessed month which will give us a boost in our journey of becoming better people, insha’Allah.

I haven’t been up to anything since our trip to MalmΓΆ and Copenhagen. Things are going to remain this way till I start working at the end of the month, especially as it’s Ramadan. Regardless though, summer is the time when you truly feel the lack of friends if you’re like me. You have so much free time at hand, and yes there’s a lot of reading and writing to be done… but honestly… what I wouldn’t give to just be able to text someone and go over or have them come over here! Or go out and absorb the few days of sun we get up here for that matter! Where did that time go and where are all those people? Or have I become un-friend-able?

The worst part is that as I won’t be doing anything, probably will barely step out of the house, I won’t have anything to blog about. Yes I do miss work. And school.


13 thoughts on “Titleless Tuesday

  1. Jokes aside !!! Slowly wiping off my smirking cheshire cat grin here ! πŸ˜€

    Firstly, I hope that this month of Ramadan goes well for you and your family without too much stress .

    Secondly, in life with friends everyone tends to go to those stages where your friends are busy with their own lives. Either because they are just in that stage in life due to marriage or due to job commitments or due to kids. It has happened to me . Lost two very good friends one because of marriage the other because the better half was a person we were not compatible with. It happens and I stand back and miss my friends a lot. I miss our laughter, of times spent together, of times spent studying together, of times just spent in each other’s company. Of course I am happy for both of them and I am sure that they feel the same way for me but I just don’t think that we will get to sit down together and ever be like that in the same way again. Such is life or how it is for me.

    On another note please hit me up if you would ever like to sit down and have a cup of coffee πŸ™‚ .

    Cheers !


    1. Thanks Ken! You know I’m a bit insecure about creative writing still… it doesn’t come to me as easily as other types of writing… and I love reading and discussing literature more than actually attempting to create some myself. I do try every now and then but honestly I think I need to learn and absorb more before I commit myself to a real project.


  2. I can relate to this so damn well (like almost always!). I have a close friend here but won’t be able to meet her so often. So, it’s basically the same situation for me as well. By the way, Ramadan wishes to you.


    1. Yeah… but on the contrary there is never a lack of people on the internet! It’s like all awesome people always live somewhere else!


  3. Ramadan Mubarak! Sitting at home doing nothing is sometimes the best way to come up with ideas. At least for me. Shut out everything and look at things you haven’t paid attention to. I know it’ll be difficult on an empty stomach :D, but give it a shot.

    And un-friend-able? lol really? Perhaps the Hannibal effect?


    1. I wish it were like that for me… but it’s not really peaceful at home… I live in a huge family with nephews and another on the way… so I don’t really find much inspiration around here.

      I don’t know… maybe… what else can explain that I have only like… five friends :-/?


      1. Hmmm.. I’ve never really lived with a large family. But from what little I have experienced of it, I can say that I hate having too many people around the house.. So I think I can see your point..

        Five friends? Having five real friends is equal to something like 750 friends on facebook right? So why bother making more? πŸ˜‰

        Have you tried photography? I’ve noticed that writing and photography complement each other..


        1. Well actually I don’t hate living here… I love that I have the opportunity to see my nephews grow up… I’m a little bit weird like that, kind of obsessed with my nephews. And I hate living alone… but I do want a home of my own. That’s why I want to get married lol, I’ll have my own place but I won’t be living alone :D.

          I don’t know if all of the five friends are real friends… I mean five in total lol. And I only see them a few times a year :-/.

          I have tried photography but not in any serious manner… I’m not really artistic that way… writing has always been the only thing I’ve succeeded in.


          1. That seems to be quite the predicament. But I’m sure your nephews would make for interesting subjects in photography. And if you take interesting photos, you’ll have a story to go with it. That’ll take care of the writing as well.

            I still can’t see how you have only five friends! πŸ™‚


            1. Yeah I know, my Instagram and Facebook is flooded with their pictures only :P. But I can’t post them on the blog due to privacy issues; their parents wouldn’t approve of it.

              Well it’s probably due to two reasons; one being that I’m an introvert and the other that I simply live in the wrong place :-/.


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