There are people out there who will never give you an honest compliment, despite how hard you try to make them understand how special they are. There’s an easy explanation to this; jealousy. It’s a poisonous word that we should all use with great caution, but the underlying truth to many of the problems between… mainly girls. Girls love attention, but refuse to acknowledge other girls’ success. They don’t want to share the spotlight.

Just like anything else I say, this of course does not apply to every single lady out there. But it applies to so many of them that it’s worth a second of thought.

The solution to every problem starts with becoming aware of the problem.

I think about all the times I’ve been jealous of other girls, and the things I did as a result of that jealousy. And then I think of the weird things other girls did or said to or about me and realize that there probably has been or are girls out there jealous of me. Which honestly is ridiculous. If we disregard wealth and poverty, what do I have really? I’m not particularly talented in anything, nor am I driven enough or that knowledgable/intelligent. I’m not a ten (my pictures often look better than me), nor am I charming. The only thing I do have which is something maybe other girls with the same background lack is a boldness, which is something created by all the anger and resentment I’ve carried since childhood. And even that shouldn’t be anything to be jealous about because no girl I’ve ever met wants to be like that/me (although I’m still waiting… I think more girls should be brave enough to follow their own path). Despite all of this, I can ignite jealousy. Why? Because wherever there is more than one girl, there is always going to be jealousy; that’s just how we girls are wired, I suppose.

Depend not on the perception of others, but on that of your own.

photo-13Unless… you become aware of your jealousy. The solution to every problem starts with becoming aware of the problem. The longer you’re in denial, the deeper the jealousy grows. Eventually it grows into anger or sadness and imprints itself on your personality, turning you into a monster… sorta. But if you know what you’re feeling is jealousy, and you admit it and realize that it’s completely natural, you can slowly start the healing process. Start by finding out what you love most about yourself and convince yourself that you don’t need anybody to confirm that quality. Depend not on the perception of others, but on that of your own. It’s a very long process, but it’s worth it. There is nothing else to do about jealousy anyway; it’s an extremely irrational feeling.

So the next time you’re getting the feeling that a certain girl doesn’t like you, and before you start treating her with her own medicine, remember that it might be jealousy in denial ;).

I have a humble request to the readers of this post; please do not analyze me or try to comfort me and explain why I don’t have anything to be jealous of, I am completely capable of doing that myself :P. I’d rather you discuss the topic itself and/or share your experiences.


5 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. Yup been there…still am about some things… but to me also as you say it’s a natural human emotion..and for me jealousy motivates me even more to achieve what I want..


  2. Not just girls, honey. Guys feel jealous, too. And, I have been at the receiving end of it more than once, even though, the guy concerned was not jealous of me.
    Jealousy, I agree, is the worst emotion there is. Not anger, not hate, jealousy has the capability to make you feel bad about yourself. I have been jealous once, of a girl, a simple girl, for a guy (Yes, believe it or not, a guy!). And, I hated it. The feeling of having negative thoughts for someone who did nothing to deserve it.
    I welcome the feelings of anger and hate sometimes, because they can be used constructively. But, jealousy can never be constructive.
    Great write-up, Norah. Compelled me to evaluate myself. 🙂


    1. Yes of course, guys feel jealous too. It’s just that it’s so much more um… visible… on girls. You know what I mean.

      I agree with you completely! Anger and hate are mostly justified… I mean you don’t just hate someone without reason. But jealousy… uff… it comes out of nowhere and eats you up from the inside!


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