The Pilot of “Under the Dome”

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I’m so glad a new series has started now when all the others are on summer break (although Hannibal returned last week here in Sweden). I liked the pilot of Under the Dome. The concept is really interesting, and it’s going to be a miniseries. I think that’s a great idea considering how series with unique concepts like this one barely survive past one season – people are more interested in love triangles and meaningless reality shows. Under the Dome is based on a book by Stephen King of the same name. King and Steven Spielberg are partnering in the creation of this series.

The series is about a town that is suddenly cut out from the rest of the world by a force field. The force field appears out of nowhere and sets itself upon the town like a bubble. The force field is invisible, so you can see through it, but it cuts out everything else including sound.

Britt Robertson is in this series as well… man that girl is everywhere! I keep mixing her up with Hayden Panettiere (don’t they look alike?).

If you like me aren’t planning on stepping outside the cave this summer, do watch this series!


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