The Nastiest Cold There Is

I’ve caught a nasty cold. I don’t remember the last time I suffered this much from a cold. My nose is clogged and runny at the same time, and I think this is the first time I’ve had two sneezes come at once. And when I say at once I don’t mean one after the other. That’s right. And I also sneezed four or five times in a row just now… that’s probably also a first. Also, there’s so much stuff coming out of my nose all the time, I’m afraid that by the end of this I won’t have any brain substance left. And the headaches! Oh they’re the worst! I can take the fever, but the headaches makes it impossible to do anything. Fortunately painkillers work. Will this ever end?


5 thoughts on “The Nastiest Cold There Is

  1. There there ! 🙂

    Drinking tea and other drinks such as lemonade helps .. headaches are always bad…make sure to not stress out your eyes too much as well !

    Hopefully you should recover soon ! and as they say in Sweden Krya på dig !


    1. Thanks :). Actually tea and all that stuff soothes for a while, but if you have a very bad cold like this one those barely have any effect at all :(.


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