Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make! Drumroll please…….

My name is now officially changed to Norah!!!


A couple of minutes ago I was heading towards our mailbox wondering how it will feel to see that first letter from the tax agency addressed to Norah Shagir, and lo and behold; there it was! It says on the letter that my new name starts working from May 17, which is the date when I sent in the application. So I’ve actually been Norah for almost a month now ^_^.

The day before yesterday, I attended an event hosted by a friend and her sister. My friend kept forgetting that I’ve changed my name so she kept introducing me as Rintuna (unfortunately I didn’t/don’t go by Rinth everywhere). That was a tiny bit frustrating, but it’s fine if I don’t see them again :P.

Anyway… there are a lot of things to take care of now. I’ll have to apply for a new passport like today! Then there’s the e-mail addresses, school… urgh! So much to take care of! And I’m super excited!