We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery we need humanity. – Charlie Chaplin

I refuse to be turned into a machine. And I refuse to be bought by society and its twisted standards. As time goes, these standards will become more and more absurd… and the worst part is how people won’t realize it. The standards, I dare say, do not derive directly from the minds of the people; they are created by the ghostly underbelly of the population. And I always keep an eye out for those who still feel and steadfastly refuse to compromise their originality.

Originality-implies-being-boldI am tired of seeing the same look in people’s eyes, the same behavior and the same activities. It frustrates me and saddens me, and I’m always afraid that it will break me. Imagine a land where everybody is wearing grey clothes. After a while your eyes will be tired of searching for color. They will submit to the monotone and enter a lifeless stage. And you will become one of “everybody else”.

For how long can a person fight the current? Especially when the alternative gives no guarantees. How long can you keep faith in your originality, believing that one day it will make a difference, when others like you have failed? All the originality in the world is being bought, photoshopped and eventually erased. And that is possible because the temptations are increasing in size – we all yield at some point.

Today though, I’m still me; the socially misfit angry young woman who prefers above all else to follow her gut feeling. I cannot say about tomorrow, but I have faith that whatever happens some very caring people will remind me of who I am and what I stand for. Surround yourself with people who don’t have any other expectations of you than the ones befitting your personality, and you will not lose yourself.


P.S. I do know that whomever claims to be original, is never completely original. We’re all the product of many different inspiration sources. But that is a different and more profound philosophic discussion saved for some other time.