Recently I reached 100 followers on my blog (102 at the moment of writing). It’s huge for me and it has made me realize that I’m going in the right direction. As my old followers know, this blog is an updated version of my previous blog [with the same name]. I was so angry and disappointed at the person I was a couple of years ago that I decided to “redo myself” completely. I created a new blog with the ambition that the content will be slightly different (less rants mainly), to show the world the face I want them (you guys) to see. And it turned out to be a good decision, because this blog has given me much more much faster than the previous blog managed to for as long as I had it.

I want to thank you all tremendously for all the support. Just reading this blog means a lot to me, as this place is my home. This is where I come whenever I feel… well anything really. Sometimes I write unfinished drafts, but those are important as well. And you guys are important because you are unexpected. I didn’t start blogging with the aim of acquiring many followers, so every follower I acquire is a gift to me and this blog.

Picture courtesy: kouzounaskitchen.wordpress.com
Picture courtesy: kouzounaskitchen.wordpress.com



5 thoughts on “102 Followers!

  1. and……………….I have………………….0………………………………. but I like it that way ! 😛


  2. oops sorry .. rereading my last post it seems like I am totally selfish prick… :S…

    congrats on reaching a 102 followers ! 🙂

    I have you on feedly so I always follow your stuff plus I have read your old blog as well.. nice crisp writing !

    congrats again !


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