Epic Fail!

Last week I ordered my first Mac. I received it on Tuesday. I started it and got stuck in the start-up process, because I couldn’t click on “Sweden” where I had to choose my country. I looked at the guide to see if there was something wrong in the way I used the touch pad. The guide said that I should “push” anywhere on the touch pad. It didn’t work. I called them. Nothing they said helped either. And so they decided that the product was defected and said they’ll send a new one.

The new one arrived today, and I was at my friend’s place so we decided we’d go together to bring it. When I brought it back to her place, the same thing happened. Then she tried… and it worked. You know why? Because the “pushing” options were on the lower part of the touch pad! And the guide says anywhere! And they didn’t say anything when I called them! How the hell am I supposed to know? There isn’t any sort of indication on the touch pad that you can push it as well! Needless to say I’m embarrassed and angry. I never thought about calling my cousin who has the same laptop, because I seriously thought something was wrong with mine! It’s the first time I’m using a MacBook… how am I supposed to know? And more importantly; why didn’t they tell me?! Anyway… done is done… I just hope they don’t call and ask me about the “defected” product.


13 thoughts on “Epic Fail!

  1. I’d blame you actually. 😐 You couldn’t do a little pushing all over the touchpad (which would reveal to you that the pushing works towards the lower part) before calling support? 😮 Moreover, if I’m not wrong, gently touching (or tapping) anywhere on the touchpad works the same (registers as a mouse click). I believe that’s what the word “anywhere” referred to.

    On all touchpads in the universe, tapping anywhere registers a click and pushing towards the lower part, unless the buttons are separate, does the same.

    Lastly, I envy your mac. -_-


    1. Yeah I admit it’s partly my fault, but tapping anywhere didn’t work because that’s something you have to activate in settings. But they’re supposed to be overly clear on support, so they’re not completely without blame either.


  2. Ehhh…it happens….I had the exact same problems as well when I was helping my work colleague..I just didn’t know where to press..I mean it’s one long smooth touchpad….how am I supposed to figure out which is what ! :/

    anywho she helped me out that day…but wait till you get an apple mouse…absolutely no left and right buttons at all….. plus my fingers are too thick for a Mac…… as you can see not a Mac fan :p

    but at the end of the day it’s really about familiarity..a couple of months in a Mac and you will soon be quite at ease in a Mac environment and probably won’t switch back to Windows


    1. Yeah well I’ve never really been a fan of Windows to begin with… that doesn’t mean I’m a Mac fan :P. But we’ll see how it goes… I get used to things pretty fast.


      1. Also fewer viruses on Macs as well….I don’t really know how it is with all this e-legitimations and so on that we use in Sweden… do they work on Macs as well ?

        Hmmm….interesting …


        1. They should… considering how many students use Mac. And it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work because I have a mobile BankID.


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