Oh What a Great Summer…

I sold my laptop on Monday and ordered my first Mac (a MacBook Air). I received it on Tuesday, but it turned out it’s defected (couldn’t even finish starting up) so they’ve sent me a new one scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Needless to say, I’ve been insanely bored this week.

I had my last exam on Monday, and I thought I’d be happier with summer vacation. But all I feel this summer is giving me is wait. I’m waiting for my laptop, for my name to be registered (nope, still no response from the tax agency), for my birthday, and the driving exams. And despite those things, I don’t have any plans for the summer! I’ll be working in August, and Ramadan is in July… but except for that my calendar is empty and I’m feeling lonely.

Anyway… what are you up to this summer?

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9 thoughts on “Oh What a Great Summer…

  1. I work this whole month and then take two weeks off in July before I head back to work. A bit of a workaholic streak in me :/ ….

    But I am not doing anything this summer just spend long lazy afternoons outside or inside. Isn’t that the whole point .. to do nothing 😉 … but I think I will do loads of reading !


    1. Not for me… I get bored when I don’t have anything to do. And that boredom eventually leads to depression :-/.


      1. Or or….You could start writing … maybe a couple of short stories.. would definitely take your mind off as you kill your characters off one by one *insert macabre laugh here* 😉 !


        1. Heheheh… yeah actually I have been thinking about taking on a writing project this summer insha’Allah… but it will be something a bit bigger. I have written short stories before and I don’t really feel like it’s my thing. I don’t really have that kind of ability to create a powerful effect in such few words yet.


          1. I loved Roald Dahl’s short stories a lot… too bad they are not so easy to find here in Stockholm…

            I really hope your writing project goes well…. it’s always great to have something lined up and maybe the characters are already buzzing in your head and waiting to come out ! 🙂


            1. Not easy to find? I used to read many of his books when I was a kid. And either way… why don’t you just order from Amazon UK? It’s cheaper and if you order many books at once (worth 25 pounds), you get free shipping :).


    1. Hahahah you know I was almost planning to! But I can’t because my driving test is on the 1st of July and if I don’t pass I have to re-do the test before August and work starts :-/.


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