Daily Prompt Collision: Say Your Name

Talk about a crazy coincidence! I’ve just started to use my new name, and yesterday’s daily writing prompt here on WordPress was this:

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

Now I’ve already explained my reasons for changing my name here, so I thought I would write about how it feels instead.

As I wrote earlier, the tax agency still haven’t dealt with my case. I’ll call them on Monday if I don’t hear from them this week. I still decided to make it official though, as it’s going to take some getting used to.

So last night when I was changing my name everywhere, I was staring at my profile on Twitter where the picture is above the name… and I realized, that’s me! All this time I’ve had this complicated name that doesn’t say anything about me, and finally I’m free of all those complications… and I realized that Norah is who I am. The name says something and it does actually suit me… or at least that picture :P. Those of you who have read Inheritance by Christopher Paolini probably get what I mean ;).

People have been asking for the meaning of this name; it actually has two meanings depending on how you pronounce it. I wanted a name that was rather international, regardless of how it’s pronounced in different places. So the English pronunciation of the name means “awe” and the Swedish pronunciation [Noorah] means “light”. And as I like both meanings and pronunciations, I thought this name would be perfect.

I still haven’t introduced myself to someone new by this name yet… which is something I look forward to doing.  


Imitating YouTubers here… like, comment and subscribe!! ;P


5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Collision: Say Your Name

  1. I love the new picture Norah!

    Good for you for going with this name change – I hope it brings you great joy. I can sympathise with getting ‘lumped’ with a name you wouldn’t have chosen yourself. I have that with my own name though I’m quite used to it now. As I write various books in a number of genres I will use pen-names (and, have already done so with a few published articles and stories actually) but that will be as far as it goes as far as changing my name is concerned! Good luck with yours 🙂


    1. Thank you Ken!

      Yeah well I’ve wanted to change my name since I was a kid… and it would probably not have happened if my brother and mom hadn’t suggested it. It’s when I knew I had their support that I found the courage to go through with this change :).


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