Hi, My Name is…

Picture courtesy: www.psmag.com
Picture courtesy: http://www.psmag.com

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You know what? The tax agency can take all the time they want to handle my name changing process; I have decided to go official with it now! I honestly cannot wait any longer… and besides, people have to get used to it right? So here goes: my new name is…


Nothing much extravagant about it, and that’s why I like it so much. I changed it here on WordPress first and am going to change it on Twitter and other places after I’ve finished writing this post. I’ve already created a new Gmail account but I will leave that and Facebook till after the process is finished and my new name is registered.

Wow this is going to take some gettin’ used to…

Hi, my name is Norah ^_^.

Update: I couldn’t wait so I changed it on Facebook as well :P! 



5 thoughts on “Hi, My Name is…

    1. Heheh it’s not THAT uncommon… but yeah I get what you mean… it’s not often you know someone who decides to change it just like that :P. Thank you :)… they still haven’t made it official though…


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