Today, I’m going to describe a part of my life using um… metaphors… you could say.

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Imagine being a pony. A pony is something between a horse and a donkey, right? So imagine being a pony and being followed by donkeys… when what you really want is to be followed by horses. The horses respect you and all, but they don’t really see what makes you any different from all the other ponies. And outwardly, there isn’t any difference between you and the other ponies. The donkeys think that you look more like them than the horses, and so they follow you.

Now the problem is that because the horses has noticed the donkeys follow you, they have started to think that you have a preference towards donkeys and adhere to the donkey customs… which you don’t. Actually you adhere to the pony customs, which are incomprehensible to both donkeys and ponies. You don’t want the horses to think that you prefer donkeys over them, but you can’t help it… both your looks and your unfortunate donkey-attracting charisma has ruined everything for you.

At one point you start disliking the donkey community… especially their customs. But at the same time, you cannot turn into a horse. And so one day when a donkey accidentally thinks you’re more horse than donkey, you have to correct him because there are certain things horses can do that ponies can’t.

Eventually you realize that you belong among ponies… but see ponies are very rare and none of them follow you. And the ponies that do show up are either captured by a horse or a donkey. And so you are one lonely little pony eating hay in a field filled with horses and donkeys.