So I know that I’ve been whining a lot about not having traveled for a while. And I know that everytime I whine, you guys (or anyone who hears me whine) say: “then go somewhere!”. But see things are easier said than done. I don’t dare want to travel anywhere all by myself, and the only friend I do have available lives almost a mile from here. And we can’t seem to match our schedules because she has work/studies and I have some pending stuff going on here amongst which one is getting my driver’s license.

Can't explain what I feel when I see this picture :'(! I know... I'm weird. Picture courtesy:
Can’t explain what I feel when I see this picture :'(! I know… I’m weird. Picture courtesy:

But I can’t escape the airports haunting me. I have this obsession with airports and planes… I’m probably among those extremely few people on this planet who actually like the food they serve on planes!

It’s the whole “international feeling” that I miss; seeing all those people from different places going to different places. Seeing backpackers getting to know each other. People asking for directions. The small talk…

My brother and his family are going to Portugal at the end of the week. They asked me if I was interested, but I have an exam and a paper due on Monday.

This frustration is going to leave me seriously depressed this summer. I just hope my name-change (which by the way might take five whole weeks!) can somehow cheer me up and keep me occupied till I start working in August.