I don’t know how many of you have been to Scandinavia, but the girls over here are generally very beautiful. This puts mediocre-looking girls like me in a very awkward position, but I’m used to it. There is one thing about me though that has been drawing a lot of attention lately… unfortunately it’s a fake part of me :P.

My eyes. See I wear honey-colored contacts. Why? Because I barely see anything without glasses or contacts. I don’t like wearing glasses outside because you have to keep adjusting them and they create these holes on the bridge of your nose or whatever it’s called. And why do I wear colored contacts and not regular ones? Well… because I can. I would never wear contacts if I didn’t have poor eyesight, because that’s just putting unnecessary pressure on your eyes. But because I can, I choose to wear colored contacts. Be judgemental, that’s fine – in this particular case, I am a little bit shallow.

This is the color I wear. Picture courtesy: fargadelinser.com

Ever since I started wearing this precise color though (I used to wear hazel before), people have started to notice my eyes… and wherever I go, someone comments them. I think so far, two or three people at cashiers have asked me about them. One of my teachers asked me a few weeks ago.

But the funniest incident around my contacts occurred a few days ago when I was in the subway on my way to school. There was a whole class of schoolchildren going somewhere, and a little boy noticed my eyes and started discussing with his friends whether or not I wore contacts. One of them was sure I didn’t, the other one was sure I did. They were standing right next to me, but I was looking in the other direction pretending not to hear them :P. The poor little kids actually wanted to ask me, but they didn’t dare! They kept pushing each other to ask me, and when at last we had arrived at our station (we went off in the same station), they kept looking at me and I could sense how they regretted not daring to ask :P. That was so cute and funny at the same time… I don’t remember ever having experienced anything like that before :P.