Remember the secret I told you guys about a few days ago? I’m going to reveal it now. I am going to… wait for it…

Change my name!

Yes, you read it right. I’m going to change my first name! To explain this, let me give you a brief history lecture…

The name I was given as an infant was Rintuna Sharia Shagir. Shagir is my father’s name and Sharia is my middle name/second first name which is not used anywhere – it’s just written on my passport basically. The name Rintuna was suggested by my cousin who had a neighbor by that name. My mom liked it and so that’s what she named me. The thing is that nobody knows what it means. It’s not like it’s a common Bengali name either… actually its origins are completely unknown.

On top of that, I’ve never liked this name. People usually don’t know how to pronounce it – not even Bengali people, as they have never come across it before. My brothers call me Rinth, and after my closest friends started doing it as well, I decided to make it my official nickname. However, it still didn’t solve anything. I wanted to change my name as a child but I remember that when I got serious about it, my mom said no (although she doesn’t remember it now).

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I think it was a few months ago that I once again wanted to change my name, purely for official purposes. I wanted a name that new employers or teachers would recognize and that wouldn’t cause any difficulties. But for some reason I didn’t take it up with my family, and soon I kind of left the idea.

A few days ago we were discussing Eron’s name… oh by the way, my new nephew has been named Eron :P. Anyway, back when he didn’t have a name (like a week ago LOL), we were discussing it and somehow we got into the dicussion that my name has no meaning. And all of a sudden my brother told me I could change it if I want… and my mom agreed! From that moment, the idea of changing my name has consumed all of my time and I frantically looked for something suitable. It didn’t take long… there is a name I’ve been fascinated with for a long while. I’m not going to reveal it yet, because I just mailed the application today. When it is officially changed, you will all know.

Of course, this doesn’t change anything. At home and everywhere else where people know me as Rintuna, Rintu or Rinth, I will still be that. But for new people I will be… X :P.

Didn’t expect that, did you ;)?