What is beauty but a cure for ugliness?

What is beauty but a cure for ugliness?
What is infatuation but a whim of the heart?
What is companionship but a shallow veil of comfort over the inevitability of a lonesome death?
What is love but desperation?

Why do we erratically run after that which cannot be caught
and perspire at the thought of losing what we do not possess?
Why do we hold hands, kiss, and look deeply into each other’s eyes?
Why do we breathe slower on rainy Sunday mornings?

How come hands clutch necks in both love and hate?
How come tears keep falling and begging in different times for the same thing –
save me, save me, save me.
How come hands forget their place in the dusk of age?


15 thoughts on “What is beauty but a cure for ugliness?

  1. It has been so long since I logged into WordPress, and the first thing I did is, read your poem. Loved it! Y U No write more poems? 🙂


    1. Thank you Mrunalini! I’ve missed you!

      Uh… I have realized I can’t really write good poems if I try too much… but recently we’ve looked at some poetry in school so I’ve got a slightly better idea of the whole concept… and so this came quite naturally actually :).


      1. It happens to me sometimes. I m reading a book with a completely blank mind. And, just a word or a phrase in that book inspires me to write a story. 🙂
        Please read more poems and write such pieces. Looking forward to reading more of these. 🙂


        1. I can’t promise anything… I actually find poetry boring most of the time :-/, unless it’s a sonet by Shakespeare :P.


  2. Companionship is about sharing , going out there and enjoying the cherry blossoms and the tulips and the lilies and the fresh cup of coffee in the rainy Sunday morning and making those lovely warm feelings which gives you that warm tingling feeling all over your body.

    Life is there to be lived and shared because otherwise you are just one man alone by the sea contemplating life.


    1. Mm… but I’ve tried to enjoy a lot of things alone and come to realize that it’s no fun being happy if there is no one you can share your happiness with.


  3. Also beauty is not a cure for ugliness……… I have to disagree :p…

    I know poetic freedom but I have never been one to agree with most poets.

    Peace out !


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