A Needle in a Haystack

Once in a blue moon I receive comments from new people, and it always fascinates me because I can for the life of me not figure out which type of people want to read my ramblings voluntarily! And I would like to figure out because maybe, just maybe, would I then manage to understand which type of guy might be interested in me :P. OK I know it’s been a lot of this recently, but single life is not really suiting me anymore. And I feel like this type of posts always receives some attention, and maybe through discussions with others can I find some answers…

Whenever moms are gathered, they keep telling me it’s time to get married. When did I ever object to that?! I mean it’s not really like it’s raining [good] men over here! Where do you find them anyway? People are getting married like there’s no tomorrow! And here I am calculating the odds… and I’ve never been good at math.

Something is seriously wrong with me…

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27 thoughts on “A Needle in a Haystack

  1. lol…good luck! its def very hard to find the right one, if you dont really have had a ‘thing’ with anyone before. we are trying to find someone for my sister and dang its mad hard…i mean online matrimony sites dont exactly work and we dont know many people here..but atleast you are not objecting it…thats the first step i guess…

    sometimes the right person just appears out of no where. and sometimes it takes time.


    1. The appearing out of nowhere I’ve realized is a filmy thing; it just doesn’t happen in real life. You have to know people… and you have to know the right people. It’s all very difficult.

      Well I’m not objecting marriage but I don’t want my parents to find someone for me because most often there is something wrong with those guys. Because parents look at family and what his family says about him, but I find it more important to look at him as a person and his friend circle.


      1. I just think you need to get out there and go where people are. Those who are proactive are usually more ‘lucky’ and ‘bump into’ their future partners for life. šŸ™‚


        1. Yeah but that’s the thing… I’m not proactive, and I wanna be liked the way I am. Maybe that’s asking for too much :-S.


          1. I think you can be both. Being out there doesn’t mean being false – just visible. Go travel, try different jobs in different places, see what works out.
            I have said it before but I don’t get bored of it – I don’t think you’ll find any problem with finding a guy who’ll like you for who you are, Rinth. You just need to be where he is!


            1. Hm… I do wish I could do all that but I’ve made a commitment here at home… so moving abroad will have to wait till 2016 :-S.


                  1. Oh I see – THAT kind of home commitment. Well – it would probably be best to get at least your initial study out of the way I guess before starting to look for that Mr Right…? But THEN go see the world and find him!


                    1. Yeah but by the time I’m done I will be 27 years old! I would like to find him before that or my family will be greatly disappointed in me :P! And I want to find him right here!


                    2. You may have to cope with living with the ‘cards dealt to you’ in that respect, I’m afraid. Still, things have a habit of turning on a pin as they say. Tomorrow someone tall, dark and handsome may suddenly come your way and everything changes… šŸ˜‰


  2. The problem is that people think that getting married is the final solution to everything. It isn’t.

    You can fall in love and just as easily fall out of it as well. My take on it is get out there and instead of focusing on trying to find love let it find you !

    Focus on doing things that make you happy, travel , write and voila one day you will find your love out there. Besides there are so many different things that work together in relationship.

    You could either be polar opposites who are madly in love with each other because opposites attract or you could be really deep soulmates who look at something and have the same instantaneous thoughts in your head.

    I may seem muddled right now. All I want to say is that there is no one perfect answer to love and life. But have faith that he exists and don’t push too hard to find it, he will come soon enough ! šŸ˜‰


    1. No I know marriage is not a solution or anything like that… but both my brothers are settled and have kids… now I want all that myself.

      You know I used to believe those things as well but now I don’t anymore. Such things only happen in movies or to people who are outgoing and know many people. I can see my future as being a crazy cat lady writer :P.

      But thank you, it feels nice to read encouraging words nonetheless.


      1. You can be in a room filled with a hundred people and still be alone.

        Being extroverted and going out there just maybe does not work all the time. I know this from experience.

        Internet dating perhaps ?


        1. Yeah and that’s mostly how I feel! I don’t feel comfortable with too many people… I feel alien somehow.

          Oh dear God please no LOL… I’ve left that part of the internet faaaar back in the past… that’s a dangerous part and I’m never setting my foot there ever again :P! Nah, I’m looking for something real. Although I understand that it’s when you stop looking that things come to you!


          1. At least try and talk to some guys and try to understand what you are looking for. Once you have that then it’s just to take the next step and get to know them better.

            Besides it really isn’t as bad as some people make it out to be but you have to be in the same time zone at least … or anywho… the right guy is out there I’m sure or else just settle šŸ˜‰ if you know what I mean !


            1. See the problem is that there aren’t any guys… there just aren’t. I have a handful of friends and all of them are girls. I simply don’t have any way of getting to know any Bengali guys. And the ones I do have “access” to are mostly too “Swedish” if you get what I mean, which is going to be a problem not only for me but for my family as well. So you see… there is absolutely no solution to my problem and all I can do is whine about it :D! I mean who knows? Maybe all the whining will turn into a proper book and even get published ;).


                  1. Nope…. šŸ™‚

                    It is connected to my LinkedIn so it’s only filled with boring work stuff.. šŸ˜› …

                    yeah I know I am boring


                    1. That I am too, but I was just trying to find another medium of communication than blog comments :P. But it’s OK, everybody has a right to keep themselves anonymous on my blog ^_^.


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