Because 23 is Old

What about a person who understands what you say without you having to explain your explanation? What about someone who knows when you’re down and knows exactly what to say or do to make you let go of things? What about a guy who thinks the perfect day is spent reading out in the sun and be so immersed in the fictive world that you forget your own troubles for a while? What about someone whose smile is nice to look at?

See I know this girl who is disturbingly straightforward because she’s lazy when it comes to speaking. I know someone who can be “cheered up” but not through conventional methods. I know a person who wishes she could go inside a book and run on the letters. I know someone who likes to smile and laugh but her teeth aren’t white.

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6 thoughts on “Because 23 is Old

    1. Yeah… and I guess we need those hardships to keep poetry and literature alive :P.

      Welcome to my blog by the way and thank you for commenting!


    1. Really? That’s interesting. Do you have a blog of your own I could check out? I actually don’t get many comments from people outside my “blog circle” so to speak, so I’m always curious as to what brings you guys here :).


      1. Well I do or did actually……… but I stopped writing a couple of years back. I actually wrote in several blogs for quite a few years but just stopped due to personal issues.

        Am thinking of starting up the writing process again but I probably will write about work stuff.. 🙂

        I don’t know how I stumbled to this blog but it seems interesting to go through your trials and tribulations as some are those I can relate to.

        Keep up the writing ! 🙂


        1. I’m sorry you had to stop blogging, but glad that you found something you can relate to. I wish I could find more blogs by likeminded people or people who have experienced similar things like me.

          Anyway, keep commenting… I guess that’ll have to do for now ^_^! And thanks for reading my blog!


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