I am EXHAUSTED! And I don’t know why. I’ve felt this way since yesterday. I’m thinking it’s because of pollen. This year, spring came very late to Stockholm, which caused all the trees’ and plants’ pollen to explode at the same time. I’m a little bit allergic I suspect, although I’ve never bothered to get it tested.

The baby is fine. He doesn’t scream or cry much, but when he does he cries in like three or four different ways :P. I’ve never heard that type of crying; he sounds like a bird! Otherwise he sleeps all the time. I don’t really remember Rayan sleeping that much… actually Rayan’s newborn period went by so quick I barely remember anything! He looked mature from the moment he came into this world, even though he arrived ten days earlier than planned.

And I’ve realized that the first couple of months, babies are extremely boring. It’s not until they’re about three months old that they start doing stuff and might pay you some attention. And when they approach their first year… all hell breaks loose!

And well that’s about it for now… I’m so tired I can’t even sit properly, I keep yawning every other minute. And I just had coffee! Sigh…