God thinks I’m so good at being an aunt to little boys that He gave me another nephew today :D! For those of you who are new and don’t know; I have two brothers and the eldest one already has a son (also expecting another baby!) who’s one year and eight months old, whose delivery I accidentally attended. That’s a story I have told too many times already so I won’t repeat that :P.

Fortunately, this time I didn’t exit from the delivery room but entered it like normal people do :P. We just came back from the hospital. He was born at 4:30 pm but that stupid hospital has weird visiting rules. You’re actually not even allowed to visit when someone has had a baby, but normally there are ways to sneak in anyway :P.

The baby is fine and healthy thanks to God, and he looks like his mother. Although I doubt that will remain because babies change so much. I’m sorry to say that I won’t be sharing any pictures this time because my family don’t feel comfortable with it. See this is why I can’t accept friend requests on Facebook. I share family pictures and they don’t feel comfortable with me sharing with people I don’t know in real life. My own pictures don’t matter, but there are more pictures of babies and other stuff in there than me :P.

Anyway… that’s all for now… they will be released on Sunday… can’t wait :). Everybody please pray for both of my nephews!