I have a few new followers who might not know of my descent. My parents are from Bangladesh. I was born and raised here in Sweden though, but my mom has made sure (for as long as she had any control over my life anyway… which was a very long time :|) that I always stay in touch with the country. I went there for the first time when I was seven months old, and every year since then… well up until 2010 that is. A lot has happened in Bangladesh recently. I haven’t blogged about any of it.

But this isn’t about Bangladesh. This is about the less fortunate all over the world. This is about the bigger portion of the human race, which for some reason is treated as the smaller portion. This is about those who do our dirty work, the invisible ones, the shoulders on which we stand. This is about the pillars of society without which the world would fall. Money or power isn’t the foundation of society – it’s the hardworking lower class. Bangladesh is a great example. Go to any home and you will find a help. People won’t even mop their own floors. The cheap clothes you buy, ever cared to check the tag where it says “Made in Bangladesh”?

Picture courtesy: http://bdnews24.com

Three days ago an eight storey building collapsed in Savar, Dhaka. It was mainly a garment factory. In Bangladesh, mostly [young] women work in garment factories. So far the death toll is at 318. Over 2 300 people have been rescued. Some say the actual number of dead people is much, much higher. There were two pregnant women. The reporter said the screams of the babies could be heard… until they died out.

All that stuff that has happened before this in Bangladesh, the culture versus religion war… I’ve seen people discuss and argue… even here in Stockholm they demonstrated. I didn’t really bother much for any of it. I watched, I read, I was informed. I knew it wasn’t really chaos over there, because people living there told me that the media made it seem much worse than it actually was.

But I’m outraged and I’m hurt at not seeing anything now. All those people I have on my Facebook friend list are continuing on as if nothing has happened. I’m one of those people who has difficulty accepting that time doesn’t slow down for anyone. If there truly were 4 000 people in that building, then time sure as hell can afford slowing down for a while. People can sure as hell give a moment to think about the clothes they buy. Today, I can’t help being hurt by the attitude of certain people. And I can’t help my prejudices rising.

Certain events, mainly disasters, speak for themselves. And they speak so loudly you can barely hear your own thoughts. They shout and scream until it takes up the whole of your mind and all you want is to seek forgiveness to God and become humble and grateful for every little object you own. Those people make the bigger part of the world population. So how lucky am I not who ended up here instead of there? By putting me here, God has also given me a responsibility.

Whether you like it or not, today we’re all responsible for those lost lives and those still trapped and suffering. We’re all responsible for the families who will be suffering for the rest of their lives. Today, we cannot subdue those people’s voices anymore. Let them scream and let them scream loudly enough to make us deaf. Maybe then will we learn what humanity is all about.