So I’ve been terrified of how my family will react to my decision of majoring in English instead of Legal Science. The reaction I got from mom was not worse than what I anticipated. What astonished me was how positive my brother was towards my idea of doing a masters in English Literature. I thought he’d just snort at the idea, as is a reaction I’m used to. They asked me why I didn’t want to graduate in Legal Science and when I told them that I find it difficult, my brother sympathized with me and told mom: “law is a difficult subject.”Β My family’s main concern is that I won’t find a job. I already bear my own weight (minus the rent I guess :P), but they want me to find a permanent part-time job so that I have a sustainable source of income throughout the rest of my student life. Of course, that’s also something that I want. The job I had at Sweden Post Stamps last year is a full-time job, so I can work there during the summer but not during my studies. It’s just that it’s so difficult to find a good part-time job in the areas I’m interested in. Nevertheless I’ll keep trying all summer, hoping God will help me.

It’s amazing how unexpected things like this happen every once in a while. It might seem small to you guys, but for me it’s a breakthrough in the communication between me and my family. It has totally brightened up my day and I feel motivated!