So I’ve been terrified of how my family will react to my decision of majoring in English instead of Legal Science. The reaction I got from mom was not worse than what I anticipated. What astonished me was how positive my brother was towards my idea of doing a masters in English Literature. I thought he’d just snort at the idea, as is a reaction I’m used to. They asked me why I didn’t want to graduate in Legal Science and when I told them that I find it difficult, my brother sympathized with me and told mom: “law is a difficult subject.”Β My family’s main concern is that I won’t find a job. I already bear my own weight (minus the rent I guess :P), but they want me to find a permanent part-time job so that I have a sustainable source of income throughout the rest of my student life. Of course, that’s also something that I want. The job I had at Sweden Post Stamps last year is a full-time job, so I can work there during the summer but not during my studies. It’s just that it’s so difficult to find a good part-time job in the areas I’m interested in. Nevertheless I’ll keep trying all summer, hoping God will help me.

It’s amazing how unexpected things like this happen every once in a while. It might seem small to you guys, but for me it’s a breakthrough in the communication between me and my family. It has totally brightened up my day and I feel motivated!


9 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. Well done you for telling them πŸ™‚
    Here’s a thought…
    You are going to do an English degree. You want to be a writer. You need a source of income…

    Why not start writing and send it off to editors? Can’t hurt to try… πŸ™‚


    1. Now?! No way! I have way too much left to learn :P. I will be working on something in the summer hopefully but I don’t expect it to be anything else than practice ^_^.


      1. You can do both! I have had several things published over the last few years which were just my first or second attempts in a new genre. I’ve not had any real training other than what I’ve picked up from the web, books and the odd small coursed here or there. Otherwise it has been a case of just ‘suck it and see’. You already write more than well enough to publish – if you have the courage to give it a go while you ‘learn’…


  2. I understand how good it feels when you family supports you in something you never expected them to. I’ve been through this situation a few times in the recent past and it’s been a very motivating experience for me, as well. It kind of opens your eyes to how much they actually love you, don’t you think?


    1. Heheheh… I don’t know I mean… “love” is an extremely abstract concept in our family :P. Expressing emotions is nearly taboo. But I get what you mean though. Has your decisions also been related to education/career, if you don’t mind me asking? It’s just that it’s so common in cultures as ours to not always get support in such matters from the family.


      1. ” Expressing emotions is nearly taboo.” I know! It’s the same with my family. πŸ™‚
        And yes, my decisions have also been related to education/career. Like, after almost 10 years of concentrating on medicine as a possible career line, I told them I want to do psychology. I thought I’d go for it after a basic degree. But after the degree, I told them I want to work and now I tell them I want journalism. I’m surprised they haven’t written me off already! πŸ˜€ Surprised, because, like you said, it’s so unusual for parents to support career-based decisions in our cultures.


        1. Yeah, and their idea of life is so annoying. I read or heard somewhere that nowadays people change career several times during their lives. But our parents still hold on to the old idea of choosing something and sticking to it.


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