People Who Are Not Interested in You

Do you guys believe that you shouldn’t pay much attention to those who don’t pay any attention to you? I have started to believe that. You see, throughout your life, you will come across some interesting people. You will want to get to know them better (whether IRL or IRC doesn’t matter) and will try to approach them. They will not reciprocate the gesture. They will answer you nicely etc., but they won’t show the same kind of interest in you. I say screw them!

Yeah sure I want to get to know more people. I like people. Ok not all of them but I like people who are down to earth and… who are interested in me as well! Yes yes ok, you can’t like everyone. And even though I’m never mean… on purpose… I understand that my oddity can at times be intimidating. But it still feels bad when you try. Because I’m not used to trying to socialize, it’s something I learned just a few years ago. I know life isn’t easy and that I have to understand there are going to be many some letdowns, but I still don’t understand why. The people I “choose” are people who seem nice, or obviously want people to think they are. These are people who seem down to earth and all that. Then why don’t they live up to their image? Am I not… nice? I mean you guys seem to think I am. My friends probably do.

Or maybe I choose people who are “over my league”? Maybe I should aim at the other lost souls out there who recently learned how to speak (babies?). I know for once that I feel ten times more comfortable with a quiet person who doesn’t look me straight in the eyes than one who talks and asks questions. Unfortunately those people are too busy hiding, or pretending to be awesome on the internet (;)).

Either way…

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What are your thoughts on the matter? How do you handle social rejection? Have you ever been the… rejecter :?? Answer in the comment box below!


8 thoughts on “People Who Are Not Interested in You

  1. As long as no one becomes obsessively weird with me then, on the whole, I don’t reject anyone. But I have to say that some people are more worth the time and some are not. That’s not a value judgement on whether or not they are a nice person – just some people ‘click’ with you and others don’t. Those that do need to be treasured and valued. At least, that’s what I believe!


    1. Yeah it’s true. But you know one has to try to become social, it doesn’t just happen by itself. And sometimes I find people I think I’ll actually click with but they don’t even want to try :(.


  2. I’ve had the same experience. I try to get to know someone who I find interesting and they talk nicely and all but don’t seem to reciprocate the same kind of interest. So, well, I figured it’s their loss that they couldn’t get to know someone. 😛 Whether I’ve been a rejecter, maybe not consciously. But sometimes, the wrong people find you interesting and while I might talk well and stuff, I might not encourage their efforts to get closer. So, I guess I might have been a rejecter at some point in life. 😀


    1. Yeah you’re right, it’s their loss. And yeah the wrong kind of people approach you sometimes, but those aren’t the kind I’m concerned with. I mean normal people who you know you might click with, but who probably don’t want to make any more friends cuz they think they have enough already :P.


  3. Oh, and…”someone who talks and asks questions”? Sounds a lot like me. And yes, I do keep saying I’m awesome, in my blogposts. :-/ But I also love answering questions (which means I don’t try to hide, unless I have to).


    1. Hey hahah… you can’t take everything I write literally :P! Wow I totally have to work on my sense of humor! People keep misunderstanding me! SMH


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