Do You Want to Make Friendship With Me?

Ok… today I want to write about the core of all problems in my life. It’s the one thing that has remained and that has created everything that has ever made me sad. That problem is: my lack of social life, or more specifically; the lack of real life friends.

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you… this is the type of things I see in movies, and now it’s happening to me for real. I love traveling and have always dreamt of traveling the world… without my family. I don’t dislike traveling with them, I just bet it’s much more fun doing it with friends. Anyway! The point is… wherever I look, people are traveling. One of my friends travels several times a year… I mean she’s more abroad than she’s home. Another one of my friends is also traveling this year. And how is this like in the movies? Well… you know when someone wants something but for some reason can’t get it, and everybody around them gets it? Well that’s how! It’s like fate is mocking me or something (like that’s new!).

I don’t even understand where people get friends. I’m not as shy as I used to be, but I still can’t manage to find anybody I click with. I don’t get where my friends do it. Seriously… I honestly believe this is God’s plan. I’m not joking. I believe it because it has always been this way. I don’t know why He makes such plans for me, and I don’t ask Him because I highly doubt I’ll ever get an answer, but I believe it because it’s not like I haven’t tried, ok? I have! But there’s only so much I can do! And it’s extremely frustrating because I feel so handicapped without friends! You need those type of thingies to get things done!

Somebody should open a friendship business. Heck I’d even invest in such a thing.

I think the problem is that I simply don’t have an attractive “outer personality”. I have an attractive “inner personality” though, because I can easily make friends online. But once again, it’s not like I have a shirt which auto-updates itself everytime there’s a new post on my blog (and the whole post would be written on the shirt). I’d wear it everyday. Now there’s another business idea.

It’s like owning a car without having money for fuel.

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9 thoughts on “Do You Want to Make Friendship With Me?

  1. I think in some ways that your problem lies in being a Bangladeshi soul (needing people tangibly) but living in a Swedish world (9 1/2 million – that’s not a lot!). This means – according to my theory about you ( 😛 ) – that you need people but the people-resources are somewhat lacking!

    My suggestion is turn those online friends into real ones (though take care with that – not everyone is as nice as they seem…) and get out of the country to find them. My suspicion is that once you’ve done that for a while, you’ll come back to Sweden much happier in your ‘Swedishness’ and feeling like you have real friends – just not necessarily in the same country. But in the global village we live in today, that’s no bad thing…


    1. Yeah you know you’re probably right. And of course one day I do want to meet all these wonderful people, but my problem is that I need people here. Say for example right now, I wanna travel somewhere this summer, but don’t have anyone to travel with. And I’m not one of those to set off on my own… yet (need a little bit more travel experience for that). And also when I want to go to the movies, my friends are either not interested in that movie or are unavailable. See it’s these kinds of practical issues I need friends for :P.


        1. I have, but Swedish blogs tend to follow a certain format I don’t feel very comfortable with. The word “blogger” in Swedish has probably an even more negative connotation attached to it than in English. If it is a personal blog, I won’t find any likeminded people because I won’t be adhering to the format (simply because my lifestyle isn’t the typical Swedish one). I have also tried to connect with Swedes on other platforms, but it’s always the same problem. You come across more interesting people writing in English. In fact, I even found a Swedish dad who writes in English (although his blog is inactive from time to time).


                1. No it’s not enough… not until they invent holographic videos so that people can see me walking together with my friends and going to the movies with them… cuz it’d be weird going to the movies sitting beside my phone :-/.


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