Yesterday I read a blog post and felt the urge to advise a young fellow who was going through a situation I’m unfortunately very well acquainted with (or rather was). What and whom it was about is irrelevant; what astounded me was how I felt giving the advice. Too Many people don’t like being given advice, and as they make sure to let you know, it hurts as “all you wanted was to help out”. But when someone appreciates it, and when your advice actually helps someone, it feels… good. Helping people makes me feel… complete… if that makes any sense. I’ve felt so empty lately, but that little exchange of words reminded me of how much I actually enjoy diving deep into other people’s problems. It’s actually very healthy to look away from your own shit every once in a while, excuse the expression. We focus so much on ourselves sometimes that it consumes us.

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Now the problem is, I don’t have friends who go through stuff. Well I’m sure they do, but only one of them share the problems with me and most of the times I can’t give her any proper advice because she’s already very smart, so I just end up supporting and encouraging her, which also feels very good. But other than her, none of my friends come to me with any serious problems that I can help them solve. I need more people with issues in my life! I don’t know why but I’ve always been the person with the most problems among my friends. Thanks to God, I’m out of that phase right now… and now I’m actually looking for trouble! But not in my own life of course :P.

So um… if you’re… you know… heh heh heh…