Recently I’ve suffered a few setbacks which have discouraged me. I wish I was among those people who feel even more motivated by such events and try even harder, but I can’t help despairing. I didn’t believe in myself to begin with.

I was thinking about all those people who have someone who believes in them. I have not given anyone anything to believe in. I have no talents. The only emotion I seem to evoke in people is sympathy. I have become “one of those” – people you should feel sorry about.

I understand that there is nothing anybody can do for me, that I need to get back on my feet on my own. But it’s difficult because all I feel like doing right now is giving up.

I’ll probably regret having written this post later today. Some small thing will probably happen that will make me feel better. Or maybe not. Maybe today things will continue just like this. I don’t know. I’m starting to doubt whether I even care.

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  1. Glad you wrote this and please do not give up. I have been there and I know is difficult but life must go on. Please keep faith alive. I am one of those people who have been basically duscarded by both sets of family even as a child and although I have tried to change their attitude I kbow that it us up to me to take charge of my own life and try to be as happy as I can without them in my life. Is not always easy but well life is difficult at times. Give yourself a path on the shoulder. The fact you wrote this tells me that you are someone who will surpass this and I know you will. Big hugs whomever you are. Blessings… I care.


    1. Thank you so much :). It’s amazing how people who don’t know each other still are willing to share experiences and give support. It shows that there’s still a bit of humanity left in the world. If nothing else… at least that is worth fighting for :). Thank you!


      1. Blessings and never give up my friend. I have been there at times but “life is worth living ” and it does take a special person to share difficulties in life as it is not always easy .


  2. Rinth…you probably can guess my thoughts about this already but…don’t just wait for that ‘special person’ to come along and believe in you because there are those amongst us ‘lesser lights’ in your life that care (not feel sorry) for you and DO believe in you. Here’s my challenge to you:

    Just as you want someone to trust and believe in you, so you have to trust and believe in others too – usually first. It’s a toughie, I know and I’m talking to myself as much as to you but it tends to be the way things work. It’s also dangerous because you can misjudge who to give that trust and belief to but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    The British person in me wants to say “chin up – and have a cup of tea!” 🙂


    1. Yeah I know… I wish things could be as easy as on the internet! People in real life often don’t have the patience to wait and try to understand. It’s easy for me to be myself through my blog, but in real life people will naturally judge me according to the way I look or behave.

      I have always had trust issues :-/, but I will try!


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