It’s been a rough couple of days at the house. My sister-in-law has been very sick ever since Rayan got better (he had throat inflammation), and on Friday my brother took her to the emergency. She was admitted to the hospital and have been there ever since, being released today insha’Allah. Rayan is extremely attached to his mother, and this was the first time he had to be without her. He’s alright during the days; he gets restless every now and then and starts looking for her but he’s still fine. It’s the nights that are the most painful, and any time he’s about to go to sleep (he can barely ever fall asleep without his mom). But, if God will have mercy upon us, all of that will be coming to an end today.

My dad is coming today as well. Mom couldn’t find a ticket on the same day, apparently there’s no available ticket till 18th of April (this is why I’m never going to travel with Turkish Airlines). So she’s stuck there till then.

And on top of all this, I have a stupid assignment due tomorrow. Stupid because the assignment is to pick out a scene from The Great Gatsby that we find is central to the story, analyze it and draw connections to the story as a whole. The Great Gatsby, for those of you who haven’t read it, is a novel where the events themselves are ordinary. The interesting parts are the thoughts the main character, also the narrator, has and the story as a whole. Separate events thus, scenes, aren’t interesting at all. Needless to say, I’ve found this assignment very difficult. Fortunately I have less than half left (it’s a 500 word paper), but I’m doubting on the quality of it. Hopefully my literature teacher will have mercy upon me as well.

And yeah, that’s pretty much my weekend.