Something really weird happened today. I was feeding Rayan, and he doesn’t usually eat a lot so I was doing it airplane-style to make the whole eating thing seem fun. It worked for a while, but eventually I think he became really full… and you know what he did? He hugged me! Yeah, he hugged me for the first time :?! I mean I didn’t get it at first. I thought he wanted me to carry him, but he was just standing there hugging my legs, and then he went away. I was like “what the!” That was soooo weird. That kid does some pretty weird things when you least expect him to!


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    1. LOL… he’s 18 months old, how can he reach anything else than my legs :P? And that’s because Maisha is a girl and Rayan is a boy. Boys are not normally that cuddly :P. So that was quite huge for him actually.


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