I Am Me, Therefore I Am Not You

Skärmbild från 2013-02-23 20:14:04From the smallest amoeba to the grandest of galaxies, we define ourselves by our borders, our boundaries. I am me, therefore I am not you. We are safe within our territory, but borders can be places of instability, of danger. Cold fronts collide with wars. Dynamic energy explodes. And yet it’s at the edges, the frontiers between us, where ideas are exchanged, where knowledge is gained. I am me, but I must push past my borders, if I am ever to truly know you.

We cross borders, explore new frontiers. Frontiers of the heart, frontiers of the soul. And if we’re lucky, we come home again, having learned great lessions about our shared destiny. For the purpose of our travels, both the inward and outward, is not merely to see the unseen, but to bring those visions home… to share with those we love.

– Jake Bohm on Touch season 2 episode 3, Enemy of My Enemy


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