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Marshall: Lily, what is the big deal?! Ok so what? Somebody said you’re just a kindergarden teacher. Why do you let that bother you?!
Lily: Because he was right! I am “just a kindergarden teacher!” And yes, I have a degree in art history and I was meant to do something with it. But I didn’t! Somewhere along the line I forgot to pursue my dream. And now I’m old and I’m a mom and it’s just too late for me! It’s too late!
Marshall: No no no… it’s not too late. You’re gonna quit your job tomorrow and you’re gonna go back and pick up right where you left off with that art stuff! And then you know what? I’m gonna find Shelly and I’mma punch her in the face!
Lily laughs.
Marshall: Yeah, I’mma punch a girl! Run away!
Lily laughs.
Marshall: Look… I promise you, your best and your most exciting days are all ahead of you.
Lily: I love you so much for saying that. But there gets to be a point in life where that just stops being true.

– Scene from How I Met Your Mother season 8 episode 16, The Ashtray